Bangkok bts skytrain

Bangkok Skytrain Map and Guide to BTS and MRT trains

Using trains to get around in congested Bangkok The Bangkok Skytrain (BTS and MRT Rail Lines) makes Bangkok travel so much easier. Getting around Bangkok...
Songkran in Bangkok

Songkran 2017 – celebrate Thai New Year in Thailand

Songkran 2017 - Thai new year - is a great time to mix it with the local Thai people and have some fun on the streets. Our city by city guide to Songkran will help you decide where and how to spend your time.
girls at Discover Club Chiang Mai

How to meet girls in Thailand

Thailand is a great place to strike up a holiday romance or find a long-term partner. But you have to know what you're doing or you're almost certainly going to get into trouble of some kind.

Finding and using public toilets in Bangkok

My other half can't walk 100 metres without needing to find a toilet! And boy does she find some beauties!! No she has not had a monkey sit in her lap while using a public toilet, but she's had lots of other adventures. So this is for you, my love, the Traveler's Guide to Finding and Using Public Toilets in Bangkok.

Sukhumvit and Patpong Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Sukhumvit is one of the newer areas of Bangkok, having been developed from farming land in the last 50 years to cope with the rapid growth of the city. It's now one of the real estate hotspots in Bangkok with soaring property values and easy access to the booming financial district of Silom.
Pai is like a laid back country town with a 1970s hippy vibe

Pai, Thailand – laid back hippy town

Pai is a bohemian outpost in the Mae Hong Son district of Northern Thailand. It's very different to most places in Northern Thailand because it's been well established on the hippy trail for decades. This has strongly influenced how Pai has developed and the quirky nature of the town.
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