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Lijiang old town

Lijiang Old Town in Yunnan province, China, is a fantastic example of how the new China is embracing the old China in the pursuit of tourism. Lijiang ranks as one of the top "must visit" cities in China for anyone interested in Chinese history and culture or for you nature and adventure junkies, this is THE travel spot you must add to your China itinerary.
Koh Samet beach Thailand

Located 150 km south-east of Bangkok, Ko Samet has one of the most beautiful beaches in easy reach of the capital with year round windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing and other water activities. It is Thailand's third largest island, with yellow-white floury sand beaches, bordered by coconut trees, palm trees and tropical jungle.
Endless things to see in historica Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya , located 75km north of Bangkok, is an easy day trip from the capital, and a great place to spend a few lazy days away from the smog and traffic and explore some of Thailand's amazing history. Most people do it as a day trip, but plan to spend 2-3 days exploring this ancient city.
Bridge over the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi

The River Kwai at Kanchanaburi is one of those iconic "must visit" places in Thailand. It was here that literally thousands of Allied prisoners of war lost their lives in the 1940s at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army while building and maintaining the rail line from Thailand to Burma

Located in the north-east of Guangxi Province, most travellers only briefly see Guilin on their way to the more popular holiday town of Yangshuo, on the Li River. But Guilin should also be on your travel radar. It is said in China that "Yangshuo is the most beautiful place in China, and Guilin is even more beautiful than Yangshuo". And they're right.
Nora Beach, Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a very popular island and beach destination in the Gulf of Thailand about 700 kilometres south of Bangkok. Being in the gulf, rather than on the Andaman Sea side of the peninsula, it doesn't have much in the way of surf beaches but there's lots more to do in Thailand than surfing!
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Top attractions in Asia

Bangkok Grand Palace night

If you have any interest in history or culture at all, or even if you just like to take photos, The Grand Palace is one...
Night scene at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the most popular attractions of this city but it's not just a market, it's a great place to go for a seafood dinner or to experience some hilltribe or Muslim foods, or just to have a drink with friends at one of the many bars.

My other half can't walk 100 metres without needing to find a toilet! And boy does she find some beauties!! No she has not had a monkey sit in her lap while using a public toilet, but she's had lots of other adventures. So this is for you, my love, the Traveler's Guide to Finding and Using Public Toilets in Bangkok.