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Top attractions in Asia

Ao Nang beach, Thailand

Ao Nang beach, Krabi, Thailand

Ao Nang is a quiet beach resort about 30 minutes from Krabi and one of our favourite places in Thailand. Once only visited by backpackers as a jumping off point for the Phi Phi islands, it is slowly moving up market and now has some quite flashy hotels and lots of facilities, as well as some very cheap places to stay and eat.
Bridge over the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi

River Kwai, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

The River Kwai at Kanchanaburi is one of those iconic "must visit" places in Thailand. It was here that literally thousands of Allied prisoners of war lost their lives in the 1940s at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army while building and maintaining the rail line from Thailand to Burma

10 tips for a great Bali holiday

So you're heading for Bali, the beach capital of Indonesia? What do you need to know to survive this tropical adventure where so many have fallen before you? Here's our top 10 tips for surviving your Bali holiday.

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