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Top attractions in Asia

Chiang Rai Thailand

Chiang Rai is one of those places we might never have seen except that we had a spare weekend in Chiang Mai and not much planned. So we hired a car and drove the three hours north to Chiang Rai. We didn't come back for a week! And even then it was hard to leave.

Doi Suithep is one of those places you just have to go to or you can't really say you've been to Chiang Mai. On top of the mountain is Wat Phra That, a Buddist monastery built originally in the 1300s and still in use.

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Destination guides

Destination guide to Guilin China

Located in the north-east of Guangxi Province, most travellers only briefly see Guilin on their way to the more popular holiday town of Yangshuo, on the Li River. But Guilin should also be on your travel radar. It is said in China that "Yangshuo is the most beautiful place in China, and Guilin is even more beautiful than Yangshuo". And they're right.
Destination guide to Pai, Thailand

Pai is a bohemian outpost in the Mae Hong Son district of Northern Thailand. It's very different to most places in Northern Thailand because it's been well established on the hippy trail for decades. This has strongly influenced how Pai has developed and the quirky nature of the town.
Destination guide to Xi'An, China

The world-famous Terracotta Warriors are the main "bucket list" attraction of Xi'An, but this ancient city in central-west China is full of surprises ... from a huge and intact city wall to a vibrant Muslim quarter and some of the most amazing street food in China.