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Top attractions in Asia

Winter is the best time to visit Beijing, the capital of China. In summer it's just way to hot and way too dusty, the air pollution is chronic and it's hard to get out and see the sights. In winter it's damn cold, but it can also be very beautiful.
Destination guide to Pai, Thailand

Pai is a bohemian outpost in the Mae Hong Son district of Northern Thailand. It's very different to most places in Northern Thailand because it's been well established on the hippy trail for decades. This has strongly influenced how Pai has developed and the quirky nature of the town.
Ancient street in Chengdu

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, in the central west of China. We visited Chengdu mainly to see the pandas but this city has one of the largest pedestrian shopping malls we've seen in China, lined with the most incredibly cheap boutique brand stores. It's surprising to see quality clothing at these prices outside of bootleg markets.

Destination guides

China is now the hottest tourist destination in the world with a booming domestic tourism industry and the fastest growing inbound tourist economy anywhere in the world. Although I have lived in China and explored many of its most popular travel destinations, there is something about China that keeps pulling me back.
Chiang Mai old city

Chiang Mai is our favourite destination in all of Thailand. This walled city with a moat in Northern Thailand has some of the country's best and most famous tourist attractions but is a total contrast to Phuket and Bangkok - laid back, friendly, easy to get around ... and a lot cooler!
Destination guide to Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo is a small village on the Li River, set among the limestone karst mountains of southern China and looking for all the world like one of those misty Chinese bamboo paintings of mountain tops and clouds.