Myanmar Travel Money: How much and what currency is best?

It’s often hard to figure out what money to take with you on Asian holidays and what cards to take so you can access more money. Myanmar is a particularly difficult place to figure out when you’re talking about cash as it has its own currency, but most places also accept US Dollars.

This handy article from discusses how much cash to take to Myanmar, what type of cash to take and how you’re likely to use your cash while you’re there.

Money Travel Tips for Myanmar Burma How much money do I need to take to Myanmar? You will need to take cash to Myanmar to cover all your expenses. How much money you need depends entirely on what you plan on doing whilst there. You need to do some travel planning and budgeting before arriving. Prepare a budget based on the type of hotel you are going to stay in; your food and drink expenditure; the cost of travel around the country; the cost of tours and experiences such as a hot air balloon trip or bike hire; and […]

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