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Goa is one of those legendary holiday destinations of the 60s, a landmark on the hippy trail and a taste of India that sometimes feels more like Bali. The beachside town of Mojim, home of the Olive Ridley sea turtle and sometimes known as “Little Russia” for all the Russian expats living there, has one of the most stunning beaches in all India.

Morjim beach is a great place to just get away from everything. It’s a place where the culture and traditions of Goa, a Portuguese colony until 1961, are alive and well. It’s a place to go and soak your feet in the sea with a cocktail under the starts and one of the best sunsets you’ll ever see.

There’s not a lot on Morjim beach other than some shacks that serve up amazing local food and a bar or two to chill out at, but it’s clean and there are some nice rolling waves to keep the sand refreshed.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, there’s a small place called Gopals down a long palm-fringed drive to the beach where you can rent a tree house and relax in the beach bar, but as there are only a couple of tree houses, you might be better to rent one of the amazing local villas in Morjim.

goa-beach-villaThere are about 10 villas to choose from, ranging from a four bedroom house (Morjim Beach Villa) set among lush green gardens and fringed by palm trees, through to a stunning luxury villa (Mountain View) that accommodates up to 12 people in six detached houses, with its own resort style swimming pool and air-conditioning.

Which ever villa you choose, you won’t be far from the beach and you can rent a motorbike to get around or grab one of the local taxis, but either way try to avoid the Russians as they will try to charge you more.

For cheap Indian food and some nice Western dishes, try the restaurants along the main road heading for Aswem.

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