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I must admit to being a big fan of Intrepid Travel group tours. Although I am not normally a fan of group tours at all (quite the opposite – I hate them normally), Intrepid’s group adventure tours take you places that are often hard to get into on your own because you can’t book transport and accommodation. It’s OK if you’re 19 and can sleep on the ground, but when you’re 49 and want to know where you’ll sleep and eat and that you’ll stay reasonably safe, it’s a very different story.

I created Intrepid’s 10 best Thailand adventure tours as a tribute to the special role Intrepid Travel has played in opening up Asian adventure travel for the rest of us. I can admit I even had visions at one time of being a travel group leader with Intrepid and helping to blaze new trails across Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar when these were still very closed destinations.

While the cost of Intrepid Travel Thailand adventures vary according to which location, how many days your tour takes, etc, because Intrepid use local accommodation and local transport, travelling with Intrepid can be almost as cheap as travelling on your own in Thailand – from around $36 a day for an 18 day tour!

So here’s my pick of the top 10 Thailand adventures offered by Intrepid Travel (some of which include other countries too).

1. Thailand’s East Coast Beaches tour

2. Northern Thailand Hilltribe Tour

3. Chiang Mai and Golden Triangle Tour

Thailand’s East Coast Beaches Tour

Cost: US$892-$1350 depending on departure date

east-coast-beaches map
Your Thailand east coast adventure
  • Visit the famous historic temples of Bangkok
  • Experience Bangkok’s incredible shopping and nightlife
  • Experience three of  Thailand’s idyllic remote islands
  • Chill out on perfect white sand beaches
  • Snorkel in crystal clear water and explore colourful reefs
  • Absorb classic Thai culture and hospitality
  • Visit local fishing villages
  • Sip cocktails under swaying palm trees

I chose this as the first of Intrepid Travel’s 10 best  Thailand adventures to feature because it’s likely to be the most popular (yes, I am an unashamed popularity groupie at times). Thailand’s beaches are among the very best in the world and most of us only get to see them one at a time … and even then only the most famous of them.

Find out more about Thailand’s East Coast Beaches tour.

Northern Thailand Hilltribe Tour

Cost: US$425 twin share, $535 single

Northern Thailand hilltribe tour map
Your Northern Thailand hilltribe tour
  • Start in historic Chiang Mai, the walled northern capital of Thailand
  • Travel three hours north into tropical jungles
  • Trek through rice fields and low hills
  • Stay overnight in bambook huts in hilltribe villages
  • Check out the life of working elephants
  • Take an elephant ride through the jungle

I chose this as the second of Intrepid Travel’s 10 best Thailand adventures to feature because it’s one of their original and most popular Thailand tours. If you’ve never done an adventure tour before, it’s a great way to dip your toe in the water without getting too wet, so to speak.

Find out more about the Northern Thailand Hilltribe tour.

Chiang Mai and Golden Triangle Tour

Cost: US$500 twin share, $625 single

Your chance to explore Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle
  • Start in historic Chiang Mai
  • Travel north-east to the Golden Triangle
  • Visit a working elephant camp and take an elephant ride
  • Explore the magnificent Chiang Dao Caves
  • Stay overnight in a Chinese border town
  • Go crazy at the Myanmar border markets
  • Ride a long-tail boat up the Khlong River
  • Be amazed at the fabulous White Temple in Chiang Rai

I chose this as the third of Intrepid Travel’s best Thailand adventures because it takes in so many of my absolute favourite places in Northern Thailand in an easy, low impact and economical tour package. If you only ever have three days to see Northern Thailand, this is the best way to see it!

Find out more about the Chiang Mai and Golden Triangle tour.

More coming soon

This is a work in progress. We’ll be adding to this post regularly to complete our 10 best Thailand adventures. Bookmark this page and revisit regularly to see the updates.