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We are fortunate to be able to travel quite a lot and do many of the things we want to do in our lives, go places where others don’t and see things few travellers ever see. But there are others who go further than we do and see things we might never get to see too. One of these is travelling couple Nick and Darience, who we connected with through a travelling nomads forum.

Nick and Dariece are a young Canadian couple who are living the dream, detached from everyday life, travelling the world and stopping only to teach English and house sit. We dreamt of this life and even tried it for a year, but it’s harder when you have children. I digress…

This backpacker’s guide to a Gobi Desert tour in Mongolia is the first post from Nick and Dariece that we’ve selected to repost. Like China, Mongolia is close to our hearts with its nomadic lifestyle and ancient traditions. The Gobi desert is a forbidding place for most westerners, but many Mongolian families manage to live there and make a good life from it.

Nick and Dariece have been looking at the options for booking a tour in the deserts of Mongolia and produced a really good guide to the things to think about, the challenges you might face, the options you have and what happened during their backpacker’s tour of Mongolia.

You’ll probably never find anything like this on our blog, so go read it on theirs! Go on … you can come back later and finish ours. We’ll go and have a cup of tea while you’re gone.

Backpacker’s Guide to a Gobi Desert Tour in Mongolia

There are plenty of mixed reviews coming out of the Gobi Desert and for good reason. Due to the vast expanses of this land, there is an exhausting amount of driving involved in a Gobi tour, which leaves little time to see the actual sites. You’ll spend an average of 8 hours / day riding in the back seat of a Russian van bouncing around like you’re in a washing machine. Unfortunately, and much to the surprise of most travellers , there is very little time spent enjoying the actual desert, and more time looking at it through […]

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