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How to get free internet in Bangkok central business district

If you’re looking for a free wi-fi hotspots in restaurants or cafes in Bangkok, you’ve found the right page! According to the Bangkok Post newspaper, there are around 23,000 places in Bangkok where you can access free wi-fi hotspots including schools, parks and bus stations. But actually finding one can be harder than you think. For expats and locals in Bangkok, True Internet offers subscription packages for “Green Bangkok”, which includes lots of high speed wi-fi access points, but these are not available to casual SIM users.

The following shopping centres, cafes, restaurants and hotels in the Siam district of downtown Bangkok offer free wi-fi internet hotspots for customers. Please leave a comment below if you find that one of these hotspots is no longer working, or if you discover a free wi-fi hotspot in Bangkok that’s not on our map. Don’t forget that as well as the locations shown below, all McDonald’s and Black Canyon Coffee restaurants in Bangkok have free wi-fi access for customers.

In most places offering free wi-fi hotspots for customers, you have to go to the counter and ask for the wi-fi password. Remember too that free wi-fi is usually not secure, so don’t go doing your online banking or anything like that while using free wi-fi facilities. Or if you need to do banking or similar, install a free VPN application on your phone or tablet (I use Cloak on the iPhone).

You may also be tempted by offers of access to a service called ICT Free Wi-Fi which is being promoted around Bangkok (but usually in Thai). You can sign up in many railway stations and you have to provide your credit card details for a “low one-time access fee”, but some travellers are reporting quite large charges on their credit cards after signing up.

Free wi-fi cafes in Bangkok

free wi-fi hotspots in Bangkok
Life’s mighty nice with good coffee and free wi-fi!

The following cafes around Bangkok also offer free wi-fi to customers: