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So many people go to Phuket (read our Phuket travel guide to find out why) hoping to find a Thai girl friend or maybe even a Thai wife, because the Thai girls in Phuket are very friendly, especially to foreign visitors and tourists. But there are some do’s and don’ts you should know about if you are looking for romance in Phuket bars, or even if you are just looking for a Phuket escort to help make your stay a bit more fun.

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Bar girls in Phuket can look like a lot of fun, but watch out ...
Bar girls in Phuket can look like a lot of fun, but watch out …

Before you start looking for the beautiful bar girls in Phuket, you need to know which girl friendly bachelor hotels in Phuket allow you to bring guests back to your room and understand that many of the friendliest Thai girls in Phuket are actually working girls (although not necessarily what you might be thinking!). The most friendly Thai women of all are often bar girls (and that doesn’t mean they work behind bars, although some do) and “body massage” girls. These girls want your money, so if you have plenty of it and don’t mind spending it on them, they’ll look after you very well and you’ll have a good time. Just don’t confuse this attention with love or romance!

bar girls in Phuket
It’s hard to walk more than 10 metres in Phuket without walking past a massage parlor

Let’s take a look at massage parlors in Phuket to begin with. There are lots of massage parlours in Phuket and some of them offer traditional massages, but many are fronts for “naughty girls” and prostitutes. Thai girls in Phuket are not exactly backward in coming forward, and unlike the Thai girls in Chiang Mai they are a lot more obvious and accessible because the law doesn’t tend to crack down on them quite as much. Although there was a raid recently on a western-owned bar cum massage parlour that was renting rooms by the hour and taking a cut, the general belief is that the raid only happened because the owner refused to pay off the local police.

Massage parlor girls in Phuket
Thai girls in the Nova Park Hotel massage parlor in Pattaya

Thai girls in Phuket massage parlors are not going to give you a lot of time, they are typically busy and business-like and keen to get you out the door as soon as they’ve got your money. If this is your taste in Phuket girls, well I’m sure you’ll find what you need. This will mostly likely include a bubble bath, a romp in the hay and a tour of the front door, all in less than an hour. And you’ll pay around 1000-2000 Baht for the privilege, depending on how much you haggle. And you will most likely come away with more than you bargained for, as sexual diseases (including HIV) are not uncommon.

Leaving aside the massage parlors in Phuket, which I find generally a bit distasteful, Phuket has some interesting places to meet Thai girls and it’s often easier to meet girls here than in Chiang Mai.

Bar girls in Pattaya
Thai girls at the Beach Front Bar in Bangla Road, Pattaya

There are lots of “beer bars” in Phuket, especially in the side streets off Bangla Road in the Patong area. If you go into one of these beer bars and grab a bar stool, you usually won’t have to wait very long before the Thai girls will jump onto the stool alongside you and engage you in a conversation. The rules of the game are that you should buy them some drinks (expect to pay a premium) and play some bar games with them (really, like Mahjong or Connect-Four, seriously), and things either will or won’t develop form there.

Go Go Bar girls in Phuket
Girls in a go go bar in Thailand are not always what you think

There’s also the usual run of go-go bars which you can easily pick out because there’ll be lots of Thai girls dressed in skimpy bikinis and maybe a few pole dancers. The rules of the game in a go-go bar are that each girl has a number on her and will generally dance on a stage or even on the bar. The “mamasan”, who’s in charge of the girls, will drop by and ask you if you’re interested in one of the girls. You just tell her which number you want, and in a jiffy that girl will be paying you lots of attention. The mamasan will generally fill you in on the required financial arrangements.


If you want to take things further, you will probably be expected to pay a “bar fine” of about 500 Baht, which goes to the house, and then 500-1000 Baht for your pleasure (up to 3000 Baht if you happen to be in a classy go-go bar or you want the girl for more than a half hour or so).

Thai girls in Phuket
Thai girls are very friendly and like to have foreign boyfriends

Thai girls in Phuket also offer an interesting romantic concept known as the “girl friend experience”, sometimes just called a “GFE”, where you can basically hire one girl to be your companion for the entire duration of your stay in Phuket (I’ve not heard of this in Bangkok or Chiang Mai). The girl will hang on your arm where ever you go, dance with you in bars and clubs, swim with you at the beach, and maybe even want to discuss a longer-term arrangement if you are staying around in Thailand. These are “working girls” too, so you’ll be expected to pay a daily rate for their company, a “bar fine” for the introduction, and pay for their drinks, meals, taxi fares and what ever else you do together. Don’t expect a long term relationship with these girls – they are only interested in your money and even if you ended up marrying one of them, you’d most likely find yourself cleaned out and divorced in no time flat. And you “girlfriend” will probably own a bar you paid for!

Thai bar girls in Phuket
If a girl approaches you in a Thai bar she’s probably a working girl

As in Chiang Mai, there are lots of girls here who are not connected with a particular go-go bar or beer bar. These girls just wander around from venue to venue, often picking up guys on the street. They are usually quite pretty and charming, but they charge more than the bar girls because you don’t have to pay a “bar fine” when you meet them. They are also more likely to disappear with your wallet and anything else valuable you have in your room.

The most popular place to find go-go bars and beer bars, live music, sports bars and pubs is along Bangla Road, in the block between Rat Uthit Road and Thaweewong Road (also called Beach Road).

Be aware that many of the girls in the general bars and clubs, and even in the massage parlours for that matter, will already have western boyfriends and even western husbands. Just because they are in a bar doesn’t mean they’re single! They may be looking for someone to pay for their drinks until their partner shows up. If you do get a girl who wants to stay with you a bit longer, make sure you’re actually allowed to take her back to your hotel – many don’t allow it, some turn a blind eye as long as you’re discreet about it. See which bachelor hotels let you bring girls back to your room.

Some of the popular girly bars in Phuket include:

On Soi Bangla

Nightlife on Soi Bangla
Nightlife on Soi Bangla, Patong Beach, Phuket
  • Baccarat a Go Go – Find it above the “Green Devils” building, on the third floor. Close up action in a small space, comfy couches surrounding a bath tub (costs 500 Bt to watch).

On Soi Seadragon

Soi Seadragon, Patong
Soi Seadragon, Patong Beach, Phuket
  • Devil’s PlaygroundLooks like a cave scene from hell with a castle shaped entrance. Girls are dressed as devils or angels.
  • Suzy Wong’sGreat place if you’re into getting your backside smacked with a foam bat.
  • ExoticaA bit fancier than most, and more spacious. If you like girl on girl action, you’ll like this place.
  • Play School a Go GoSome weird and wonderful stage acts with live aquatic animals. An oldie but a goodie.
  • Diablo a Go GoNo cover charge, which is nice. Girls soaping each other up and dancing, but not many of them.

On Soi Easy

Soi Easy, Patong
Soi Easy, Patong Beach, Phuket
  • The Secrethas interesting stage shows four times a night but also a hefty entrance charge (haggle if you dare). Scantily dressed girls and comfortable lounges.

On Soi Vegas

Soi Vegas, Patong
Soi Vegas, Patong Beach, Phuket
  • Roxy a Go GoHard to miss with its big red signs. Pole dancing and acrobatic dance shows. Large lounges and comfy chairs. Prepare to be shocked.

Please, no lectures on the morals of this page. We all know there are lots of guys who are looking for this information. We’re not encouraging anyone to do this, just letting those who already will do it know the best places to go without getting into too much trouble.

Video of Thai bar girls in Phuket

This video was shot in Bangla Road in Patong Beach, Phuket, one of the hotspots for bar girl nightlife in Thailand.

Guest and girl friendly bachelor hotels in Phuket

If you would like to have the option to take a girl (or any other guest) back to your hotel in Phuket, we’ve tracked down the best guest and girl friendly bachelor hotels in Phuket where you won’t be made to pay extra (or at least more than expected) or feel like a criminal when you bring home a girlfriend, bar girl or other special guest.

We’ve provided convenient links to book these girl friendly hotels at discount rates via Agoda, the world’s top hotel booking website. We’ve also included a location map below so you can see where each hotel is located in relation to Phuket nightlife. Note that the quoted prices will vary throughout the year but were correct at the time of writing this article. Relative price differences between hotels should remain fairly similar.

Don’t forget to check out our Thai girls in Chiang Mai guide and our Thai girls in Pattaya guide for a list of girl-friendly bachelor hotels in these popular locations.

guest friendly bachelor hotels in phuket best-rated girl friendly bachelor hotels in Phuket

Surin Park Hotel (from 1900 Bt) – On Srisonthorn Road in Surin, spacious large rooms, friendly staff, five minutes from the beach. The 4-star Surin Park is definitely one of the best-rated of the girl friendly bachelor hotels in Phuket, with clean and luxurious rooms and located just 10 minutes walk from Surin Beach. Bedrooms can be a little bit pokey, but the extra living areas more than make up for that. Kitchenette means you can make your own snacks and coffee and there’s plenty of choice on the TV if you find you need entertaining indoors.

Sunset Mantion Hotel doesn't mind guests in rooms

Sunset Mansion Hotel (from 957 Bt) – On Ratuthit Road in central Patong, big rooms, clean, nice staff, cable TV, fridge. One of the most popular bachelor hotels in Phuket! Although it’s centrally located, Sunset Mansion is far enough away from Bangla Road (about 10-15 minutes walk) to be quiet and peaceful. Tours booked through the hotel can be up to 50% cheaper than through local tour agencies.

Location: 28-30 Rat-uthit Road, Kathu District, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Patong Premier Resort Phuket - Deluxe Room Girl friendly accommodation

Patong Premier Resort (from 1760 Bt**) – On Ratuthit Rd in the heart of Patong, big rooms, nice pool, good restaurant. Location is very close to Patong Beach (about 200m walk) and Bangla Road, it has a nice resort feel with a large swimming pool and well appointed rooms. Although the design of the hotel is a bit dated, the rooms are stylish and quirky.

Location: 118 Rat-U-Thid 200 Pee Rd., Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Seeka Boutique Resort bachelor friendly hotel

Seeka Boutique Resort (from1815 Bt**) – On Nanai Road, simple and homey, nice staff, nice rooms, beautiful pool area, good food. Seeka Boutique Resort is a fair walk from Patong Beach but there are plenty of cheap tuk tuks available to take you there and back. Food in the hotel is not so good but there are so many great places to eat on Nanai Road that it won’t be an issue. Average rooms as a good price.

Location: 164 / 8 Nanai Road, Kathu, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

girl friendly bachelor hotel Club Bamboo Boutique Resort

Club Bamboo Boutique Resort and Spa (from 1900 Bt) – On Nanai Road in Patong, nice rooms, friendly staff, hidden restaurant by the pool, free shuttle to the beach. Club Bamboo is located away from the busy parts of Patong so it’s a bit quieter and more relaxed. There’s a free bus to Patong Beach and there are always taxis and tuk tuks nearby. Best rooms are in the deluxe section where you’ll get nice views of Patong as well.

Location: 247/1-8 Nanai Road, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Salathai Resort Phuketbachelor hotel in Phuket

Salathai Resort (from 2280 Bt**) – On Sawasdirak Road in Patong, lovely pool, great breakfast, helpful staff, clean rooms but a bit dated. If your room is not available on arrival, you can request a temporary room to refresh and change. The 3-star Salathai Resort is located 200m from Patong Beach and is one street away from popular Bangla Road, but far enough away not to be noisy. Rooms have a big balcony overlooking the central pool and cable television.

Location: 10/4 Sawasdirak Road, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

**indicates hotel may charge you an extra 300 Bt for your “overnight guest”