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The Bangkok BTS Skytrain and MRT Lines can take you to most of the best tourist spots around Bangkok quickly and cheaply, avoiding the awful traffic congestion.

For the BTS Skytrain, you need to buy tickets from automatic vending machines inside the stations (see map above), so it helps to know where you are going and also to have a good supply of 5B and 10B coins. But if you are stuck either for a destination or the right change, there are usually some helpful station staff nearby. They are used to dealing with foreign travellers and are fairly patient.

The most expensive ticket on the BTS Skytrain lines (Wongwian Yai to Bearing) will cost you 40 Bt (about US$1.30), so it’s very cheap to use. Each ticket machine has a map of the metro system so you can check your destination before committing to a ticket. Stored value cards are also available, but generally only used by daily commuters – check the brochures in any station.

The MRT (or Metro) is a little different and mainly used by locals. There is only one line and the tickets are different to the Skytrain. You cannot ride the MRT Line on your Bangkok BTS Skytrain ticket. You buy a plastic token for each ride and you wave it at the gate when you get on, then deposit it into the gate as you get off.

Check out the combined Bangkok BTS, MRT and Chao Phraya River Express transport map (above) for connections between the three major services (courtesy Transit Bangkok).

Also see our new page about Shopping trips from the BTS Skytrain, to find out where to get off the BTS Skytrain for each of the major shopping destinations in Bangkok, including walking directions and descriptions of each shopping destination.

Using the Bangkok Skytrain dynamic map

Once you’re on the Bangkok BTS Skytrain, look for the helpful dynamic BTS Skytrain route map above any of the entrance/exit doors in each carriage. These maps will tell you where you are in the network and which station you’re coming to next. Check out the video below to see how this works on a real train ride.

BTS Skytrain station map

The Google Map below shows the location of each station on all three lines. Click on the little train symbols for info about each station. It can be hard to see the coloured train lines on this small version, so click through to the full map for a better look.

View BTS Skytrain and MRT Metro in a larger map

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