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If you’re trying to figure out the best time of year to visit Bangkok, don’t bother. From our experience over the past 10 years, Bangkok weather is always hot and steamy! In fact it’s claimed to be the hottest city in the world! And it usually feels that way. Just make sure to book a nice hotel with air-conditioning and a swimming pool.

The great thing about Bangkok is that it’s almost always fine and sunny and the temperature is generally around 35 degrees (C) in the daytime, around 25 degrees (C) at night. It does get a shade cooler between November and February (down to 30 degrees) but from April to October it can be very, very hot – 40 degrees (C) and sometimes higher.

You only really need to worry about rain in the middle of the year, around June, July and sometimes into August. But even then it’s not a problem because it’s so hot that you will be wanting to stand out in the rain and cool off.

Late in the year (usually around October and November) there can be a risk of very heavy rain which, combined with wet season runoff coming down from the North can cause flooding around the Chao Phraya River and the canals. There’s usually plenty of warning when this is likely to happen and the local government is getting better at controlling it using pumps and diversions.

So the bottom line about Bangkok and the weather is dress lightly, wear sunscreen, don’t stay out in the heat in the middle of the day, and take air-conditioned taxis or the BTS Skytrain in the middle of the hot season so you don’t end up with heat stroke! Here’s a list of great places to shop from the BTS Skytrain. And there’s some nice attractions close to the BTS Skytrain too.