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Starting out opposite the Chiang Mai Gate of the old walled city, the Saturday street market runs almost the entire length of Wu Lai Road, Chiang Mai, heading out of town to the south-west. This is an older market and many of the stallholders appear to have shops along Wu Lai Road, so it attracts local silversmiths, bag makers, jewellery makers, woodworkers and artists that you just don’t see either in the night bazaar or in the Sunday markets.

Souvenirs and crafts at Saturday street market, Chiang Mai

Like the Sunday street market, the entire street (for a distance of over 1 km) is closed to all traffic (although some cheeky scooter riders do make their way through) from about 4pm until midnight. Unlike the Sunday market and night bazaar, the Saturday market has no restaurants, so eat first or sample the snacks on offer here and there along the length of the market.

Food at the Saturday street market, Chiang Mai

There’s plenty to see and experience and lots of Thai street snacks available for sale at the Saturday Street Market including fried bananas, dumplings, spicy sausages, etc. It’s a great place to get a cheap massage, but make sure to choose the more established looking places with lots of reclining chairs. You can get a 30 minute massage for about 60 Bt or a full hour for about 100 Bt.

Street Performers at Saturday markets Chiang Mai

Along the road as you walk through the market you’ll find lots of street performers, mostly small children and blind musicians. Give them a small donation to show your appreciation.

Make sure you bring lots of small notes as many of the stall holders at the Saturday Street Market will struggle to give you change for even a 100 Bt note, let alone a 1000 Bt note. There are only a couple of well-hidden ATMs along Wu Lai Road, so get your cash before you leave the old city area.

Here’s a sample of what to expect at the Wu Lai markets.

Where to stay inside the old city in Chiang Mai

chiang mai old city map

To really get the most out of the Saturday and Sunday street markets in Chiang Mai, you need to stay inside the walls of the Old City. Check out the deals on  for TripAdvisor’s top hotels inside the city wall with links to enquire about bookings.