Travel writers wanted – write for us

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Like writing about Asia? Write for us!

Do you have a keen interest in travel? Are you interested in sharing some of your travel insights with other travelers? We would love to hear from you! We welcome volunteer guest travel writers, as they can bring us high-quality content with a distinctive voice. To make sure our content stays valuable to the independent travelers who visit our site, we have a few basic guidelines.

  • We are an Asia-focused travel site, so we generally only accept articles about Asian travel destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Phillipines and Indonesia. But if you’d like to write about India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and other nearby destinations, we will consider your articles.
  • We accept only original content from individual content creators, at least 1000 words in length. Please only send us your own content, preferably from your first-hand experience, unpublished at other sites. Articles must have at least three photos attached, with publishing rights.
  • We prefer articles on a single destination or attraction, rather than general articles about travel.
  • The core idea of your article should be readily obvious in the first paragraph. While we don’t expect every guest writer to be intimately familiar with the “inverted pyramid” style common to travel writing, it’s important to us that our readers can see the value of your article quickly.
  • Articles should provide a strong sense of place and experience, but also include details our readers need to repeat this experience on their own visit.
  • You retain the copyright on your piece as its originator, but we reserve the right to reprint it in part or in whole in other Asian Travel Tips initiatives, with attribution.
  • Please do not contact us with marketing copy, news releases, or other promotional requests. If you have something you’d like to promote that is relevant to an article you’ve written, such as a book on travel or your website, please keep promotional content minimal and place it at the end of the article.
  • Please include a brief bio, including your current title, the title you are best known for if it differs from your current title, and a photo of yourself. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or other social media account you’d like to promote, please include links to those.

Once you’ve finished a potential piece, send it to as a .doc or .docx Word document. Attach your photos separately as JPG or PNG files.

If you’d like to make sure we’ll consider your article for publication, contact us first with an outline of your article idea and some links to other travel articles you’ve already published online. We’ll get back to you quickly with our thoughts and ideas.


Articles may not be published immediately. They will be put into a publishing schedule and published according to our needs.

We always tweet new articles and publish a link to them on Facebook. We’d of course appreciate if you could do the same, so we’ll notify you immediately when your article has been published. We will also share your photos on Pinterest and publicise your post on other social sharing websites.

So help yourself and help us at the same time. If we can also write for your website, let us know!